"from what state of   being


                    do    we



other species



 earth and sea
                     and treat Nature


as a 'collection of resources'

         to be exploited

  for short term benefit?"


                                                                                       -Charles Eisenstein


The Carmichael coal project, owned and operated by Adani, has proven to be one of the most disastrous, illogical and catastrophic failures in the advancement of humanity.

That's what our dear governments claim to do, right? Advance? Progress?

Against an absurd volume of scientific data, public outcry and the looming 6th mass extinction event, coal is still being dug, pumped, washed, shipped and burned - all over the world. But times are changing. The small ripple of grassroots climate activism that began many decades ago has turned into a fully sick 6ft barrel my friends, and it ain't stopping until we win.

After all, what have we got to lose?

Everything. We have everything to lose.

The Indian mining giant made itself known to the wider public in 2010 through its' big, fantastical dream - to build the biggest coal mine in the world.

It was supposed to start digging in 2013, but as a result of constant pressure from the people, through various methods of action, they have just begun scraping the top soil off this year. (During COVID. Suspicions?)

In the 7 years Adani has been forced to delay work on the mine, the company has been ham fisting a very outdated plan into the throats of the complacent population, ignoring all kinds of numbers from the market, and from science - they're even ignoring the fact that this project is simply not financially viable. So why are they going ahead with it?

We don't really know. Usually, money is the principal motivator in any business venture, but our maths doesn't add up. Maybe there's some hidden figures we don't know about, or they're just too far in now to give up... by pressure from others, or Adani's own ego, perhaps.

Things you should know about:

This morning, an environmental activist and writer, Ben Winch, locked himself to a cattle grid, stopping Adani's workers travelling in and out for the day.

Ben's action today follows the abysmal treatment of our most precious life source: water: "Adani wants to take almost as much water from the Suttor as all the agriculture users combined. And that’s just the Suttor. It also has an unlimited licence to deplete and pollute the Great Artesian Basin, the only source of fresh water for hundreds of towns and farms across inland Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory."

Another activist was assaulted at the same protest by an Adani staff member during this peaceful protest. This event was witnessed by me and 13 others.

You can view footage of this assault, here.

Immediately afterwards, Adani posted on facebook; "Anti-coal activists have thrown rocks and kicked the doors of cars and utes belonging to people working on our Carmichael Project”. They failed to offer any evidence for these false accusations. When Queensland Police arrived on the site, Adani provided false statements to the Police about the incident.

On the 28th September, Kyle Magee stopped work at the Adani coal port by locking himself onto coal loading infrastructure.

Kyle outlines: “We should be in severe damage control mode yet we’re not, we are continuing with business-as-usual, continuing to line the pockets of multi-national companies to just rip everything out of the local community to then just take off”.

It's often hard to look at snippets of reality like this and deduce much at all about what's going on in the complex shenanigans and political ping pong between environmentalists and fossil fuel supporters.

The facts of the matter are:

- Adani's water license has been challenged in the Federal court by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) this month over a deal that would allow Adani to pump 12.5 billion litres of water per year from the Suttor River, at a time when 65% of Queensland is in drought.

- It is estimated Adani will get out of paying anywhere from $253 million to over $700 million in this 10-year tax deferral/royalties deal signed by the Palaszczuk government on October 1st. Despite being described as a 'transparent policy network', very few details are actually available to the public - hence the wide estimate.

- Adani plead guilty of ripping off its' fellow industry members, and was found payable to $107 million in fines.

- The share of renewable energy broke new records for the third consecutive day on October 3rd, with wind and solar providing more than 50% of demand for the first time ever on the Australian market.

- Over 80 major banks and insurance companies have ruled out working with Adani.

The Australian government has not fulfilled their legal and moral and ethical duties of protecting our environment and our people.


These are just empty words, the shells of which perhaps once contained something more substantial than hot, humid air - but today, in my generation - they don't.

Climate change

Climate change

We've been hearing about it since the 50's. Apparently, everyone's got an opinion on it. And more and more people are bursting their own bubble of tech and material obsession, of modern slavery and soul mutilation, the deep, deep dissatisfaction with the regurgitated advertisements we have shoved down our throats and ears and every other hole and pore, since before we are born.

Enough...... there's no time left to argue. There is only time to act.

Look locally, join a group, have a conversation.

Find out more about Front Line Action on Coal and non-violent direct action here.

Each time he thrusts into me

Is one fan of the fire

easy to say, one action, one stroke, one fan

but how to measure the impact, the intensity, the wind...

one look, one kiss, one orgasm

but how to define its' implications, its' reach, and depth.

It is impossible, and also unnecessary.

Words dance around the fire but they are not it.

They say it's hot, they say it burns, but they do not say what happens when you become it.

How can they?

Fluid drinks fluid as fire breathes air

where we go, where we fly

Is a distant somewhere

Drink my sweat and share my soul

see me, feel me, no control.

Open my lips and open my heart

Cut me with honesty, deepen this scar.

Through you I find my dreams

My sweetest, wildest dreams

Through you I find what I am

What I have always been

Through you I fall in love

I fall in love with everything.

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