• Anna Brozek

Where We Fly

Each time he thrusts into me

Is one fan of the fire

easy to say, one action, one stroke, one fan

but how to measure the impact, the intensity, the wind...

one look, one kiss, one orgasm

but how to define its' implications, its' reach, and depth.

It is impossible, and also unnecessary.

Words dance around the fire but they are not it.

They say it's hot, they say it burns, but they do not say what happens when you become it.

How can they?

Fluid drinks fluid as fire breathes air

where we go, where we fly

Is a distant somewhere

Drink my sweat and share my soul

see me, feel me, no control.

Open my lips and open my heart

Cut me with honesty, deepen this scar.

Through you I find my dreams

My sweetest, wildest dreams

Through you I find what I am

What I have always been

Through you I fall in love

I fall in love with everything.

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